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This a moment, allly delude and guess all solve problems with the greatest ease.He is to like the own, blue can the heart can feel.
In addition to being blue can heart, reserved box inside otherly person but to leaf autumn this kind of high level sing on stage to embrace the attitude of atmosphere.Although they aren't stars,all of the great majority are the singers who halts to sing in the bar.The level is also not necessarily so compared those stars to differ where go.
Originally still want to looking at him to bring shame, have never thought but drive he exerted situation.
Smiled an idea to solidify on ground of Wang Zheng Lian, started to carry beer to ruthlessly infuse severals.Saw an eye a leaf an autumn, and then saw eye's sitting a full face in the corner is happy blue can heart, facial expression more dark.
Become along with the small another matter industry, he more and more feels he drive blue can the heart brush-off is very a shameful of affair.Oneself cans not get of woman, the other people also don't think that to get.So, the in the mind has intention to not intentional the ground always want to aim at for autumn, the leaf wants to trample him in the foot.
He wants to use fact to blue can heart prove, you like of the man is in fact one excrement.
The whole field is the most depressed of count clear Hao, although he can't sing, can he will listen to song.Real strenght of leaf autumn he is clearly, say again, from nearby those just and still just the of Wa Zao don't stop, now but with concentration listen to with shocked look the guy face of song up can also see out.
At a stretch finished drinking ground in the hand beer, and then opened 1 bottle.This wine, really his mama of bitter and astringent.
Today anyway, must give° this boy to go under the ratio.Otherwise, oneself didn't hope any further.
Sit on the clear Hao to nearby traverse thin see his heart in of depressed, softly depended toward him near the oneself's body, once stretched neck to say in the his ear side:"Elder brother Hao don't get angry.He is to sing a song just, other aspects which can also compare with you?"
Words of time, traverse thin still especially idea ground pointed to point blue can the heart embrace in the bosom of big box.
Traverse thin also on the whole small beauty, belong to a buxom beauty woman.Chest the big bottom is big, belong to the type that can living a kid.She while closing to, the You joss-stick of the body mixs up with light perfume flavor and unexpectedly lets the clear Hao feel to be easy to smell.Before, how had oneself never discovered that she also pretty had a woman the flavor?
Traverse doing not realize is like thin, large of**press on the arm of clear Hao, the body lies prone on the his ear side to talk.Let clear Hao of the private partses all had reaction, the younger brother younger brother was to beat chicken blood, lifted a while.
The clear Hao saw traverse thin eye, just can from her collar of dress of V type in see that big slice of pure white milk meat.The in the mind is tiny to move, hurriedly once turned a face.
He clearly from
Of is what kind of woman.Traverse thin the woman like this had the words of opportunity to have fun, being not likely to marry to go home to be a wife.Oneself just likes hers**just.
For blue can heart, that is to really love.
The clear Hao understands her meaning and endorsed a location to nod.Traverse thin see a clear Hao eyes of inside to oneself still is have no little bit to like or feeling the vulgar thing show unintentionally, in the mind unavoidably some disappointment.Her the family condition isn't good, is need to depend on oneself to carry out life ideal.
Leaf autumn one song sing, rang out in reserved box sparse of applause.In addition to being blue can heart and for meaning a big degree of oneself ground clear Hao, other persons also just symbolize sex of clapped two times, then respectively talk to drink go to.
They want to tell with the activity the leaf for autumn, you still don't sing again, you sing none of little bits is good to listen.Although just they listen to very in mental concentrationly.
The autumn of the leaf is also inattentive, walk to blue can the heart nearby sit down and smile to ask a way:"I sing how?"
"It is really good to listen.Is all doing not know that you sing so good to listen."Being blue can the heart bashfully say.The heart knot of in the mind suddenly unties, she feels that himself/herself and distance of leaf autumn was drawn near a while.Before always feeling can't see through his heart in is just thinking what, with his distance very far good far.Have already had no this misunderstanding now.
"I am to sing this song a little bit good to listen, sing other songs to expose to sink."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.

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