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"Ha ha, small mere trifle.Need not mind."Zhang Sheng puts to say.Finish saying, and leaf autumn they beat voice hello and led off walked into a crystal temple.Somebody else a rightness of small loverses are very much in love in the this place, oneself follows also really too firm eye.
The crystal temple is the site that the fee soars, the leaf autumn soared the fee to adjust Macau, and he had the business that the responsibility help looks after a crystal temple.Zhang Sheng in nowadays is tantamount to underground influence in the Yan city of say the whole mafia of a wordses all want quiver without the king of Mian.So, is covered a still very sufficient of a son by him to measure.Even if the fee soars not at, also the nobody dares to take advantage of an opportunity to make a matter in this time.
"How to arrive a crystal temple?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.
"Someone wants to invite me to have a meal with rommate------In fact I am to think not, but, I want to come to say to know with him."Being blue can the heart looking at a leaf for autumn of facial expression, see he have no therefore angry, this just lets go of heart.
"H'm.Pursue your man?Where?I also help you the staff officer staff officer."The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.
Being blue can heart and leaf the autumn know for two years and have already acquainted with very much.Can when the leaf autumn make fun her, she still awkward and shy blush with shame.Lower the head, ashamedly say:"In the top."
"Can heart.Don't give us the introduction for a while?"The clear Hao ground voice suddenly spread to come over.
The clear Hao knows blue can the heart is to come down to pick up oneself ground boyfriend ground.The in the mind is burning with anger but also has no way.It be worried that that man doesn't dare to come in again.Directly pull blue can the heart walked.Prepare again a smallly gift.Offer up a few deceiving words.Perhaps blue can heart this purely my daughter child to eat.
Want to know.Woman ground the brain structure differ with ordinary people.Sometimes they will smartly fearfulness.Can again the time weak-mindedly make people very anxious to take head to bump a wall again.Especially at they particularly day in.Do little bit in the their eyes and is a matter very romantically.That they ground the body hormone will present several what multiple ground increase to rise.
All need not how coax.Can get into very easily ground body.
The clear Hao sees the ground coming out.Being blue can heart now still virgin.Oneself likes a ground of women drive don't ground man's blossom.Again big degree the ground man's in the mind isn't a taste either.
Or traverse thin make a noise to remind.Say not as together as everyone and go to doorway etc..Thus ground words.Can directly blue can heart and she so-calledly boyfriend to just come in.The clear Hao wishes is also.Anyway.Can not let, either she drive don't ground the man take.Otherwise.Oneself tonight several 100,000 expenses kick ticket.
Hence then take three females to also arrive at crystal temple doorway, at the right moment see blue can the heart and an unfamiliar man nestle mutually.
Being blue can heart's having never thoughting clear Hao and three sisters of bedroom will come down together and hear he say to make he introduce, point at a leaf to say for autumn:"This is me-I boyfriend leaf autumn."
Although be a leaf like this autumn ground to say that he is his own boyfriend to make her very embarrassed,still keep grinding teeth to say to go out.She is early unbearable this kind of is pursued of bitterness, also want that resuming oneself soon is at quiet living.Tonight come over also mainly be want with clear Hao and explains clearly, so can be thick the face was once.
The autumn of the leaf saw one eye clear Hao, wish, should be this man to come to pursue can heart.Tell the truth, the clear Hao is long ground of one form talented person, and from externally see past generosity of spirit extraordinary, give people of the first impression is pretty good.
If other women, taking pleasure in accepting this kind of to pursue very much is afraid.Can heart, how say-----Probably this is the predestination.
The autumn of the leaf can affirm, if at the beginning isn't oneself on a train victory to the swift-footed occupied her tender heart, probably she to the she's ground attitude is to directly take no cognizance ground.Tang Guo, Lin Bao Er, even Chen Mo Nong's all hasing obvious weakness, or saying is the indentation that easily offends.The autumn of the leaf but don't find out blue can the heart has what emotion indentation.
The female university student who is used as a modern, she too a pure heart and few desires some.And, also too easily contented.

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