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Oneself again would not like to give up so blue can heart, give up the pure female kid who can bring his/her own fine first love to feel.Words like that, livinging the conflict is certain.
Hence, the clear Hao then takes out a cellular phone to call Wang Zheng and says:"Big star has already held a meeting?When come over?Come of time call more up several individual.Make you playing the rock'n roll grounds those all call up, the person is many jollification."
After getting Wang Zheng to affirmatively reply, the clear Hao stired the number of his cousin, Sun Yao Wei, again.The telephone says with a smile after connecting:"Cousin, do you usually mix in this son, is familiar to isn't familiar with the person of crystal temple?"
"It is familiar.Could you isn't familiar?I am the gold card of this son inside member.How?What matter?"Sun Yao Wei consumedly of the voice spread to come over.
"Ha ha, nothing important matter.I am to say if I and life what conflict, also want to be broken siege for me by cousin."
"Stop worrying.Have what matter make a phone call for me, in the crystal temple, I absolutely can't let you drive to humiliate.You even if is to give that little girl strong to ascend at my noodles, also no one dares to say three four."
"Thank cousin.
You have fun well.Occupy me to shout you."The clear Hao was full of smiles ground to hang a telephone.
Once beat these two talk on the phone, the mood of clear Hao thoroughly relaxs down.The in the mind cuts and polishes, don't to blue can the boyfriend little bit of the heart precept, give° him whole enter son in the bureau.
To this kind of matter son, cousin but equal specialty of.He also numerous time of once showed own successful experience in he's in front.
Crystal temple doorway, blue can the heart wait for with anxious look.Hang awkward and shy smiling face on the face, all cannot helped but seeing one eye, no matter who once walked from her in front this shape Gao Tiao 's qualities clean beautiful female kid.
And someone runs to come over to strike up a conversation, blue can the heart didn't cope with these people's experience and also ignored not to trample.Whatever they say, she is a don't utter.Those men are helpless, have to the ground of Shan Shan to leave.
"Ten minutes inside arrive to."The leaf lies autumn on the rear seat to say.
"Okay.Assurance not mistake leaf little proper business."Zhang Sheng roars with laughter ground to promise.In the mind but is depressed and matchless, early knew to give° that driver to stay.Oneself's robbing so work wants to be some kind of, has never thoughts but is been little to give to press constantly by the leaf.
He doesn't want as well, he comes of time, but give° that driver to scold a ground of dog blood to sprinkle a head.The north ran to bachelor's degree street to use in less than 30 minutes from the Zha.
Piece the car skill for winning still quite good of, nine minutes of time, the car turned into the parking lot of crystal temple doorway.
The view of leaf autumn differs with ordinary people, from afar saw a station on the step of blue can heart, say:"Put me down."
Zhang Sheng hurriedly give°ed the car to stop down, behind of the car trumpet keep pressing, he didn't also walk of meaning.
"BE waiting me?"The autumn of the leaf embraces a gift box to burst upon at blue can heart on the side of time, her small mouth was surprised to become an O type, obviously be frightenned.
Her eyes a blink don't blink ground to stare at step of right ahead, fear to miss a leaf for autumn of figure.Unexpectedly leaf autumn but burst upon in own in front from the on the side.
"Thank."Being blue can the heart pick up leaf the autumn passes over here of gift, have never lowered the head to see an eye gift is what, but eyes are prison grounds in the prison stare at a leaf autumn of the face put.
To her, the biggest surprise isn't leaf the autumn send to her what gift, but the leaf's bursting upon of autumn.
The felling didn't see a leaf for autumn for a long time, the in the mind really wanted to miss him so much.So, oneself always so devouringly looking at, is like a little spoony while meeting each time.
Woman of so spoony, is because the love ground is too deeply too deep.
"Happy birthday."Leaf autumn the soft voice say.
"The autumn of the leaf, you are really good."Being blue can the heart corner of mouth raise and sweetly smile.
Woman's birthday of eldest brother, Zhang Sheng also prepared a gift.Park a car well after, runs to come over to send last a packing fine box.Although the physical volume of box has no leaf for autumn of big, but the valuable degree outstrips too many.
The eldest brother can play romance and do younger brother of have to send some son true.

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