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Introduce these four personally time, in brief many.Even have never given the clear Hao is a 'common friend'of identity.
The autumn of the leaf stretched out hand and clear Hao to hold to hold on his/her own initiative, he combined can't because someone pursues blue can heart get into nasty fight with others.Be like blue can heart so ground beautiful female kid, no one's pursuing is an abnormality in the school.
And, oneself again often not at blue can the heart is nearby.Affirm a meeting be misunderstood her don't have boyfriend.
"How do you do.I am the leaf's autumn."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.Stretched out hand and clear Hao to hold to hold on one's own initiative.
"Clear Hao."The clear Hao smiles to nod.He indetermination leaf the autumn isn't that to become popular campus ground leaf autumn, so don't also say'long heard of your great reputation'of the words of type.
"Today is a noble-minded birthday, we settled in the crystal temple a reserved box to celebrate the birthday for her.You also played in the past together?The person is many jollification."The clear Hao smiles an invitation way.
Being blue can the heart looking at a leaf for autumn of reaction, if he the words stayed, oneself leaves.If he would not like to be foolish here, oneself also has no necessity to stay.
Clear Hao although it is said expend so much money to purchase fresh flowers and schedule to tonight reserved box for the sake of oneself, but, this also not is oneself demands to come of.
Being blue can the love view inside of heart don't have grey district.Like be like, don't like be don't like.
"Thank."The autumn of the leaf nods to say.He really don't know three blue and noble-minded rommates at in play what role, the in the mind still thinks if so blue can heart's taking is really very ill-mannered.
Besides, the crystal temple is already a Yan city's best entertainment area.Oneself takes her to leave to also have no better place to choose.
Just at this time, and then a group of persons rushed through to come over.For of is exactly a clear Hao and leaf the autumn all knows of madrigal prince, Wang Zheng, .
Wang Zheng sees a leaf for autumn and the clear Hao stand together, the facial expression is one Leng first, then would is heart in great joy.Before he once beat as well blue can the idea of heart, but drive leaf autumn this blocks road tiger to block down.The competition that is used as failure, he is to take pleasure in seeing a leaf very much for autumn and the of clear Hao living some what affair.
"Hey, elder brother Hao, how all stand on the doorway?"Wang Zheng smiles to find out Hao.His affectation didn't recognize out leaf autumn, really would not liked to take to manage this small potato as well.Before he is at still some fame in the school, but suddenly don't know a Zong.Also at people ground visual field in thin go to.
The amusement of Wang Zheng's year ago and biggest hinterland
And make a contract, soon will there is ownly the first album publishing.Now, city this a cake of was the most tremendous star.Even there has been own cellophane noodles club.
The person's position changed, taste nature also Gao.Is much less, he and leaf the autumn also really has no friendship.
The autumn of the leaf pours is recognize Wang Zheng, for a while disappear, this boy more and more had snob appeal.The clothes dresses up any, the wrist on the hand is also 1 style to be worth of ten several ten thousand grounds of foreign brands.And still take car key in hand, see to his ground day lead the ground is really quite good.
The autumn of the leaf also has no the meaning of going up the hot face somebody else cold bottom on his/her own initiative, just pull blue can the hand of heart in quiet station in the part, hang to lightly smile an idea on the face.These people, he really musted don't put in the eye.
Heel at Wang Zheng after death of is a flock of man who is dressed in strange costume, greater half returning of night heel 《black guest's empire 》 male leading role district wear sunglasses, head the La Ta is high, with pour to button up in the bird's nest on the head.They looking at a leaf for autumn and blue can the heart nestle together, the look in the eyeses are all a bit weird.
"Leave.The reserved box has already settlesed.Wait you to come.All go in.Keep on blocking up at the door again, crystal temple but be rushing through a person."The clear Hao says with a smile.Then view at blue can heart face up settle a space, exclusively did a hand type of invitation.
Is he to prepare to above boardly compete?The autumn of the leaf smiled to smile, didn't care.
A group of people leads in the clear Hao under entered reserved box, then all drive reserved box inside ground the big Cu tulip attire the surprise, a the ground Be surprised to exhale a voice.Follow Wang Zheng these what people came over still have severals to dress up bewitchingly beautifully female kid, is also a full face to envy ground to looking at blue can heart.

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