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Firecrackers resigned from the old age, and Ruixue welcomed the New Year one after another. Hunan has just sent away the heavy snow that has not been encountered for many years, and ushered in the sunny early spring February. On New Year's Eve and New Year's Day this year Parliament Cigarettes, I felt the breath of spring and the warmth of spring. In the New Year, every household is busy cleaning and preparing for the New Year, and our family is no exception. Before the festival, my mother and I came to the supermarket to buy new year's goods. The supermarket was full of shoppers, the shoppers were crowded, the river was endless, and the bustling scene of the festival was overflowing. Celebrating the New Year, posting couplets, posting New Year pictures and posting window grilles are all people ��s longing for a happy and beautiful life, and a wish for a better future. Today, I am also interested in sticking the door god on the door, still saying: "The door god door god rides a horse, sticks on the door to guard the home; the door god door god carries the big knife, the imp, the big ghost quickly escapes." Everyone laughed. When night came, every household was happy. There is a custom in our hometown. When eating New Year's Eve, we must set off firecrackers. After eating New Year's Eve dinner, it was already dark. But the lights on the road were bright, the roads were colorful, and various neon lights flashed from time to time; in the night sky, scattered firecrackers sounded from time to time. Adults and children are showing off fireworks in the open square, and I can't help but join them, immersed in the joy of the festival Carton Of Cigarettes. On New Year's Eve, the crescent hangs high in the sky, and the deep blue sky is filled with twinkling stars. However, the chill in early spring and February is still strong, and the cold wind blows my face from time to time. At this time, my heart flew to the annual Spring Festival party again. Back home, enjoy the joy brought by the party with relatives, always attracted by the wonderful program, and aroused applause from time to time. When the New Year's bell sounded, every household set off firecrackers again. The colorful fireworks rise and fall, fighting in the night sky, like a fairy scattered flowers, embellish the night sky with colorful, extraordinarily enchanting. Deafening and enduring firecrackers bless the coming of the New Year, and people share the joy of the holiday on New Year's Eve. Yes! In the lively sound of firecrackers, we gave away the unforgettable old age. On a warm and happy day, people with smiles ushered in a new year. Outside the window, there is a constant starry sky, but the years pass by quietly, and I grew up a year before I knew it. During the Spring Festival, adults and children all enjoy the festival. Friends and family gathered together to greet each other and bless the twinkling starry sky. From time to time, brilliant fireworks were released Cheap Cigarettes, and colorful dreams surrounded our blessings. It is really unforgettable tonight, no matter what the end of the world, Shenzhou Wanli embraces and wishes the motherland a good day. Farewell tonight, no matter new friends and old friends, next spring will be inviting, Qingshan is here, people are not old, I wish ...
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