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In a dense forest, there lived a smart, lively and lovely little squirrel Jing Jing. She has many friends, including the fat and fat piggy Huanhuan, the snow-white rabbit Lingling, and the clever monkey Yuyu ... Jing Jing lives carefree every day. However, one day, Jing Jing suddenly couldn't afford to fall ill, which made the small animal friends anxious. The children asked for good doctors everywhere, hoping that Jing Jing would get better soon. After some setbacks, a fox doctor Wen Wen called and waited for Jing Jing in a beautiful place. The small animals held a meeting and decided to let the piggy Huanhuan and the monkey rain and rain escort Jing Jing to see the doctor outside the forest. The next day, the sun was shining and the spring was brilliant. Huanhuan, Yuyu, and Jing Jing set off. Jingjing's cough got worse again, Huanhuan hurriedly wiped sweat for Jingjing. At night, the stars were blinking, and the moon seemed to say, "Jing Jing, don't be cold!" Yu Yu set up the tent and Huan Huan changed the towel for Jing Jing. Jing Jing moved and said, "Thank you for taking care of me. Suddenly, a heavy footstep approached them. Huanhuan hurriedly opened the tent and said," No, a big hippo rushed at us. "Mr. Hippo was hungry, and when he saw them, he had an idea. After Yu Yu's tail flicked, his eyes rolled, he thought about it, and decided to negotiate with Mr. Hippo. After listening to their experience, Mr. Hippo was very sympathetic and said : "I am a policeman, called a Chinese, and I will send you to Wenwen. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, please contact me. This is my phone number. I misunderstood you just now Newport 100S, sorry, I will send you to Wenwen here. "Speaking, the Chinese handed Yuyu a phone number. Yuyu, Huanhuan, Jing Jing rode on the back of the Chinese, and four of them were talking and laughing. After 5 days Marlboro Red, they finally arrived at the beautiful scenery Yu Yu, Huan Huan and Jing Jing bid farewell to the Chinese and came to Wen Wen ��s house. Wen Wen was calculating conspiracies and tricks. When they came, they came into the house with a smile on their faces. Yu Yu, Huan Huan and Jing Jing entered Wenwen's family, Jing Jing was casually watched by Wenwen. Wenwen took advantage of Huanhuan and Yuyu's inattention, put a packet of poisonous mushrooms on the table, and said, "This is medicine, so I have to eat it now. "After Huanhuan took the medicine and stewed it, she gave it to Jingjing. Jingjing just swallowed, and Yuyu stopped her, and leaned into her ear and said," I don't think Wenwen is a good thing, this may be Don't eat it if it is poisonous. Wen Wen saw Jing Jing not eating Online Cigarettes, and said: "Hurry, eat, you will get better soon!" "Yu Yu said:" Wen Wen, don't you want to use conspiracy, Jing Jing won't eat it! "Speaking, I called the Chinese and asked him to treat Wenwen. When the Chinese came, they immediately put Wenwen in jail and called Dr. Elephant to ask him to take care of Jingyu. Jing Jing thanked the elephant doctor and the Chinese, and returned to the forest safely on the back of the Chinese. Since then, the small animals have lived a happy and happy life.
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