The different between u part wig and headband wig?

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What Is U Part Wig?
U-part wig is a wig with a u-shaped hole in the front, the hole allows you to put some of your own hair to help the more natural hairline. The u-shaped hole can on the middle, left, or right according to your habit. Also, to further protect your hair, a silk or lace closure can be worn with u-part wigs.

A U-part wig will give you the lovely look of a sew-in weave with the convenience of a wig. That can solve some problems right there! So wearing a u-part wig is the best choice.

The real U part sew-in wig is made from 100% natural human hair, so girls can freely create on this wig. Dye it into a blonde wig or cut it into bob wig, it is ok. But bear in mind that you should choose the wig that has the same colour and texture to your current hair. It is best that you go to a hair salon for advice.

The Cons:
Short duration: U-part wigs can only be worn for a short period of time. You have to remove them daily before sleeping or taking a shower.
Prevents protective styling: Too much access to your hair as you style or pulling some part of it defeats the purpose of protective styling.
Hair breakage: You have to buy a wig comb to attach u-part on your hair. The use of these combs can result in hair breakage.
No dye: You can’t dye u-part wig with human hair dye.
Expensive: U-part wig costs much more than other types of wigs and requires frequent maintenance to avoid damage to the hair scalp.
Lace closure: You have to wear a silk or lace closure with u-part wigs in order to protect your hair.

The 5 steps to install & style your u-part wig:

Choose an u-part wig with proper part width, please note the wider the parting the thicker hair will leave out.
Section a U-pattern area at the crown to match the u-part width size.
Braid remaining hair is to make the hair lay flat.
Put your u-pattern hair out, secure the wig with combs inside.
Blend the hair with wig and use a flat iron to style.
Use edge control to make the edge more natural.
Why Choose U Part Wig?
Give your hair and scalp break from the strain of traditional sewn-in weaves.
Achieve a more believable look and finish than a traditional wig.
Get an instant new hairstyle and the flexibility to change your styles frequently and quickly.
Have easy and complete access to your hair enabling you to cleanse and care for it regularly.
Hate those tight sew-in weaves, braids or cornrows? Getting some hair loss? U-part wigs give your scalp breathing space.
U-part wig is very convenient. You can remove the wig, shampoo, deep condition, blow-dry and re-braid, and sew or clip the wig back on. Say “bye-bye” to a nasty scalp.

What is headband wig?

A headband wig human hair is a type of wig that is made with a piece of material resembling a headband. The wig can be slid around the head and put into place using the headband rather than clips or other fasteners. Headband wigs can

come in as many styles as standard wigs do, but their differences lie in the number of insert combs, headband softness, and the ability of the headband to be detached, as well as headband width.

For ultimate headband softness, potential wig owners should invest in elastic headbands. Elastic headbands can better conform to the specific contours of the person's head. They can also provide secure attachment to the head without

the unnecessary itching that can come with hard headbands.

The headband is perfect for any wig wearer regardless of hair type, texture, or consistency! This amazing band eliminates tension and headaches, prevents bald spots, and safely secures your wigs, scarves, and beanies in place.

Lace wigs: m.westkiss.com/lace-wigs.html
Headband wigs:m.westkiss.com/headband-wigs.html
U Part Wigs: m.westkiss.com/u-part-wigs.html

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