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After unmanned machine divides time to return to a dreamlike island, its data breaks time from 100 Mu the big triangle waters became a dreamlike island waters.Because unmanned machine the data each time break the partition in time the ability isn't low during 24 hours, so unmanned machine data next time break time as 12:00 A.M. tomorrow in dreamlike island time.There are still from now to tomorrow dawn for more than 30 hours, in these more than 30 hours in, the unmanned amount of function orders shortage and actually has already lost fighting strength.
However the Yan flies of keep secret a work well done, rice the people really don't know the biggest soft rib of unmanned machine, be them and discover unmanned machine after returning to a dreamlike island, the thinking of subconscious that the unmanned machine got the replenishment of weapon ammunition and resumed fighting strength.The "fantasy" of plusing the artificial intelligence broke the charged barbed wire net and network of rice country, the whole rice national capital was placed in disorder in.Rice the people now concern heavily, basically can not launch backstroke to the dreamlike island, is three aircraft carrier combats that before is closing to a dreamlike island, also receive rice the people through a business satellite deliver come of withdraw an order but quickly return a sail, keep off a dreamlike island.
The rice the people tries contact on those two strategic pit submarines that are closing to a dreamlike island and wants to let they return right away, in case stir up and the larger conflict of the dreamlike island.The regrettable rice country has already been not likely to contact these two strategic pit submarines, because they have already sunk into deep deep sea of 8000 meters ……
Short few hour time after the war started inside, it is a dreamlike island to ignore also good, is still a rice country let it be, all temporarily lost to continue the ability for taking the offensive.They are thinking a way to procrastinate time, resume his/her own real strenght by diagram.
To people in the whole world, today destine is one to let a their tremble with fear scared day.Declare toward the rice country for post-war few hours an inside at the dreamlike island, the news spreading isn't a dreamlike island be pressed on the ground by the rice country to rub, but all of the dreamlike island thermodynamic power open and resulted in to the rice country very huge great damage, the rice soldier not only dies or injures miserably heavy, even at rice foundation of a nation soil up still had the affairs of nuclear weapon machine explosion.Everyone's day originally led thoroughly and suddenly discovered really disheveled hair projection of legendary nuclear weapon machined going to, the whole personal society after all facing the danger of quilt nuclear weapon machine destruction, all very heavy in everybody's heart.
When the Yan flew to just declare war to the rice country, the owners all thought that the dreamlike island must be to go crazy, this root is two influence with not extremely on an equal footing real strenghts, dreamlike island will definitely fiasco.But who also what to have never thought BE, along with horary of slowly past, the rice country is beaten the full head is to wrap of the.So far, the dreamlike island hasn't suffered what materiality of injury, but rice country already become confusion unbearable, almost become primitive society, they take it as an honour of all of the high technology collapse, their convenience lives have already become one regiment snarled hemp.
This result makes the owner all dumbstruck, because this completely came from their ideas to anticipate.Wait until the person who pay attention to this war is on the network after opening a debate, everyone just discovered real strenght in the concealing of dreamlike island, the dreamlike island owns of the war potential is good enough to the rice country draw down horse.Rice country as long as doing not start out nuclear weapon machine, in this war necessarily hurt undoubtedly.
At discover a dreamlike island of strong, rice country of like a paper tiger after, some originally the station is in the rice country after death, prepare to cheer and encourage for rice country, wait for war be over after divide the line the small nation of victory cake to wide awake right away, they stay calm and collected of keep off a rice country, set aside a relationship with rice country as far as possible, then start taking side to the dreamlike island ……
The nobody knows that the rice country is more even big than the loss in their imagination, they has already cannoted support.If the rice country doesn't want to shoot nuclear weapon machine to pull in the world to demolish together, so they have to consider ending war status with dreamlike island.
Everythings that the rice the people does all make the rice country stronger, full of, once the rice the people can not make a profit from this war and on the contrary wanted to pay a huge price, after even lowering their living qualities, these rice the peoples would recognize pure reality right away, will rectify this mistake.For the sake of the war of the be over and the dreamlike island, rice country's old president's sending the negotiation personnel of has already taken airplane to go to a dreamlike island.However the rice the people can decide to when start this war,they can not decide to when end this war.
The unmanned machine that the Yan flies divides time although temporarily lost fighting strength, dreamlike island's combining is much more than an unmanned machine to divide time, it still has other weapons to depend on.The Yan flies to hand over to all of other affairs in the dreamlike island six Ping Ping processing after, oneself came right away underground rocket blast-off center.Towered aloft here a very huge carrier rocket, this carrier rocket is previous that shipment to attain the super rocket of 300 tons.This super rocket is again the rocket that can and again recall to again use behind, exactly the existence of this rocket, just make the space conveyance of dreamlike island cost significantly descend.
War after starting of several times launch from the space of attack, make dreamlike weapon in the island radicle in the sky shoot platform ammunition to consume serious, for example be located in that day radicle weapon of rice country top of head blast-off platform have already had no guided missile to store.So the Yan flies the first affair of returning the dreamlike island be carry on rocket blast-off, shoot weapon blast-off for the radicle weapon in sky platform to add weapon ammunition.These spare weapon ammunitions early get ready, however the previous sky of radicle weapon shoots platform ammunition ample, they can not shoot a God, the radicle weapon warehouse gets empty to place now sky, can receive these spare ammunitions right away.
The process that this super rocket shoots is very complicated, however controling in the artificial intelligence"fantasy" so much is the whole, the Yan flies as long as make use of in general use space to put spare weapon ammunition in the turning point all right in the fixed location.The in general use space that the Yan flies is been used to put weapon ammunition very convenient, can in great quantities save time.Just five hours, the rocket blast-off of dreamlike island prepares work all completion.
This time, time has already arrived at 10:00 p.m. in dreamlike island local time.Artificial intelligence"fantasy" again examine the blast-off condition of this super rocket, until discover that the whole datas are all very normal, but the weather circumstance of the external world after suiting shoot, just started the point of rocket fire procedure.See the super rocket bottom coming out huge flame and white smoke and hugely pushing dint to push super rocket to dash forward a night sky
After dreamlike island and rice country was placed in war status in, the rice country loses satellite system to carry on supervision, besides which, , the satellites of other nations all every moment take aim at a dreamlike island and collect a dreamlike island of instant intelligence report.Yan's flying now the biggest enemy is a rice country, he doesn't want to create unexpected complications as well before doing not vanquish a rice country, so as long as these nation don't provide satellite data and intelligence report for rice country, the Yan flies also from get them to trail and discover here.
After the dreamlike island dead hour shot rocket, this super rocket was discovered by the satellite of other nations.The 24 hours armistice of dreamlike island and rice country agrees on to have no unauthorized biography, so other nations don't know that dreamlike island and rice country temporarily cease fire, they still think that the dreamlike island again shot guided missile to attackstone against the rice country.

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