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The rice country is made by the invading of"fantasy" the electric power system collapse and cause the whole nation's completely paralyzing, being network and correspondence can not also use.However the rice country secret installed an independent telephone line, even if one in the world of outside is confusion, this independent telephone line also ability normal use, so then the rice country old president can contact Yan to fly after the rice country communication system breakup.
The Yan flew to think for a while and said:"Is dreamlike, connect for me converse!"
After telephone connects, spread rice country the exhausted voice of old president in words tube:"The Yan flies, I feel that our both parties should talk, and probably the noodles has what misunderstanding here."
The intelligence report flown to get now from the Yan is seen, the gentle and soft dead contains very big hidden facts, however no matter how it is say, the gentleness is also dead the hand is at the rice the people in, Yan's flying still keep being full of old grudge to the rice the people.
The Yan flies to the rice country old president nature didn't good facial expression, he lightly says:"I before once said, unless you vanquish us dreamlike island, or is our dreamlike island to vanquish your rice country, otherwise we will have been being placed in war status.If you be not to we the dreamlike island surrender of words, so we didn't talk of necessity."
The rice country's old president says:"The Yan flies, we the rice country combine to prohibit to have to surrender to the dreamlike island, even if the destruction also in no case surrenders.I of so contact you in this time, just because I want to understand an affair, now in the my hand controls count for much intelligence report, these intelligence report can make us examine us together of why will take place this false war."
The Yan flies to say chillily:"False war?You hastily attackstone a gentleness, and kill a gentleness, are there these affairs having not taken place?Again or is what other people make you do?"
The rice country's old president says:"The Yan flies, you say of these are the fact for once taking place, but is not a fact either, all of us are adults, we not the ability is shuffled out by the outside appearance.I have already discovered that our conflict conceals very deep inside story, someone is secretly making ghost.So we have to frankly and earnestly talk, in case because of the misunderstanding bring both parties more great damage.Before our conversations end, I hope that our both partieses can keep to overcome, no longer attackstone each other and is placed in to cease fire status."
Musted recruit to discover here from the valley after someone behind the scenes carried on operation, the Yan flies also some doubt war in the dreamlike island and rice country after of true facts.In his eyes, if want to push dreamlike island and rice country to open hostilities, only think a way here in the dreamlike island is nothing doing, after all a palm claps not to ring;That backstage manipulator is also certain in the rice country find job for successor, both parties' successor delivers dint together, just can let two square the influence get into nasty fight.
The Yan flies to want to find out this backstage manipulator, so have to exchange intelligence report with rice country and only have so, just probably find out this backstage manipulator.And his unmanned machine's dividing time today's energy to order has already about consumed to complete and have already lost fighting strength now, he can not continue to attackstone to the rice country within this period of time at all.
Is also the clues that finds out a backstage manipulator at the same time to not let the rice the people discover the infirmity of dreamlike island, the Yan flies decision temporarily and rice country cease-fire, procrastinate time.As long as waiting until an unmanned machine data to break, the rice country dissatisfied foot Yan flies by that time of condition, Yan's flying nature will again start the wild attack to the rice country.
The Yan flies to say:"So you send a person to come to dreamlike island right away!From now on of 24 hour inside, we the dreamlike island can't carry on any attack to the rice country.If the rice country adjusts soldier to send within this period of time will, or launch the attack to us, so our cease - fires negotiate void, we will beat rice country stone age once."
The rice country's old president says:"I agree that both parties' temporarily ceases fire for 24 hours, now that has cease-fire to expect for 24 hour and so hopes that the dreamlike island can stop the attack to our rice country electric power system, it lets we the rice country society instauration is normal."
The Yan flies to sneer at a way:"Impossibly, we didn't end war status for a day, rice country the meeting have been being placed in to disorder status.To, you don't want to try to threaten me, we since can control your electric power systems, can also control naturally your nuclear weapon machine shoot system.Ask for when the time comes we aren't happy, shoot the military target that your own nuclear weapon machine attackstones your nation right away."
The nuclear weapon machine of rice the people shoots system very tight, is a set of independent blast-off system, need then a built-up password can start, being "fantasy" can not also be through a network carry on invading.However the rice the people was invaded ability by the "dreamlike" terrible network to be frightened to death now, subconscious of think that the dreamlike island has a very strong network technique and perhaps and really controled their nuclear weapon machines to shoot system, they fear the nuclear weapon machine of they's house shoots their own national territory, don't dare to threaten Yan to fly naturally.
If is a peacetime, the rice country's old president absolutely can't believe that the Yan flies to control the rice country nuclear weapon machine blast-off system, however today's dreamlike island has already made a show of very strong real strenght, it results in to the rice country very serious loss, plus the miraculous performance of artificial intelligence"fantasy", have already let rice the people plant all soldier, believe a while the words flying to say Yan.
Rice country old president defense way:"The electric power system is as vitally related as all lives of rice the peoples, there is no the existence of electric power, all aspects of rice the people life will be subjected to very great influence.For example the hospital can not do surgical operation, needing person of surgical operation urgently can wait dead.They are just the common run of people, didn't participate in war again, should not suffer from injury for this false war."
The Yan flies to sneer at a way:"In my eyes, it is innocent to have no a rice the people.You are the president whom they select, you since can win an election, explain that your representative is the will of above rice country half citizen.Your any as the will that all represented the whole nation, so the rice the people wants for the false check that you commit naturally.Impossibly you received for the advantage that they fight for, once needing to be paid for it, they were innocent people?"
The rice country's old president says:"The Yan flies, how do you give up the electric power system of controling the rice country?"
The Yan flies to say:"Once controling as well before I remember your rice country is another of the electric power system of nation?Don't know that time another nation is how entreat yours ……however only a to me simple condition, that is to pass your rice country can, but have to satisfy our condition of dreamlike island first.Condition a day dissatisfied foot, you the rice country will be placed in disorder in."
The old president of rice country is silent for a while, say:"Seem this time us can not only carry on some intelligence report commutations, but also carry on some negotiations.Boon ……the my full-fledged member and rice negotiation representative of country will embark the service of eagle country airline to fly to a dreamlike island in an hour and anticipate in 15 hours arrive a dreamlike island, they full-fledged member I and rice country and dreamlike island carry on a negotiation."
The Yan flies to say:"Cease fire time to only have for 24 hours, you the rice National Assembly's form take 15 hours to rush through into a dreamlike island.See to you want enough many authorizations to them, otherwise at nine hours you aren't likely to talk what achievement come ……"
Hang up and rice country old president of converse after, the Yan flew the heart that have been hanging to finally let go of.That is the nuclear energy dint that the Yan flew to display a dreamlike island, and"fantasy" thoroughly after paralyzing social all aspects of rice country, the rice the people finally can not bear this serious result, sent a personnel to come a dreamlike island to negotiate.

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