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After many lost seasons Los Angeles Rams Jerseys 2019 , reflecting on Sunday’s win is even sweeter."WhiteSections 2019 offseason2019 free agency2019 NFL DraftFull ArchiveLibrary 2019 NFL calendar2019 Rams regular season sched2019 Rams preseason schedMasthead Community Guidelines NFL Odds StubHub 鉁旻ollowing the Rams through good and bad led to this momentNew,29commentsAfter many lost seasons, reflecting on Sunday’s win is even sweeter. CSTShareTweetShareShareFollowing the Rams through good and bad led to this momentChuck Cook-USA TODAY SportsMy journey to following the Rams was always a hard thing to explain to anyone that asked. In the beginning, I was 11 years old and had been increasingly, if still vaguely, aware of the NFL and football at large. My family members were mostly college football fans and while living in Tucson, Arizona at the time — the Cardinals weren’t capturing anyone’s imagination, even just two hours south of Phoenix. The Rams had recently just won a Super Bowl and in heartbreaking fashion to my neophyte football interest Darrell Henderson black jersey , lost another. So, I latched on to a St. Louis team that had seemingly mastered offensive wizardry. There was no rationale I needed outside of “Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk and Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce are fun.” The team lighting up scoreboards in the shadow of the Gateway Arch were gatekeepers to my growing interest in the sport — even though I had never been to St. Louis. Then, the crash came. The Super Bowl era players left. Front office politics tanked continuity and squandered potential. Draft picks went bust. Coaching regimes washed out. I’m sure you know the story well if you’re reading this. The program from the first Rams game I attended in November 2003 when St. Louis played at the Cardinals at Sun Devil Stadium. Brennan SmithBut throughout, when questions of “why the Rams?” arose from friends, family and random people, I stuck with the team. Geographical distance didn’t matter. Disappointments of lost seasons were searing in the moment, but were footnotes when training camps opened and autumn arrived. Hope. Again. As the Rams’ playoff run continued this season, the team’s playoff journey kept unearthing memories of those times. One in particular stood out. In the 2009 season when I was in high school and the Rams were spiraling to a potentially winless campaign Darrell Henderson Jersey Mens , I went to a sports bar in Tucson and commandeered a TV in the back to watch St. Louis play the lowly Lions. It was a basically unwatchable football game and the Rams were 0-7 at the time — well out of any playoff picture. But late in the game, Steven Jackson broke off a 25-yard run for a touchdown and the Rams won, 17-10. I remember celebrating in the bar as if they’d just won the Super Bowl. That team finished 1-15. But that win mattered to me. That moment matters to me still. After the Rams clinched a Super Bowl berth on Sunday, I ran around my home yelling with excitement that echoed what I felt in 2009. That context made this victory so much sweeter. And the questions from those friends and family in the past turned into congratulations and well wishes Sunday because they’d seen me persevere through the leanest years sports fandom can drag you through. Many seasons later, I’m a guy that was raised in Arizona, living in Utah, that’s rooting for a team in Los Angeles by way of St. Louis by way of Los Angeles the first time. That identity isn’t hard to explain anymore with how special this team has been so far. When the Super Bowl kicks off in Atlanta in two weeks, I’ll embrace that identity like never before. The Rams continue to insist that Todd Gurley‘s left knee is fine Darrell Henderson Jersey Cheap , and he will continue to be the “focal point” of the offense. But they matched the Lions’ offer to Malcolm Brown this offseason and, on Friday, used a third-round choice on a running back.Los Angeles selected Memphis running back Darrell Henderson with the 70th overall choice.Rams coach Sean McVay insisted it had nothing to do with Gurley and everything to do with Henderson.“Yes. This had to do with his skillset,” McVay said, via quotes distributed by the team. “He was a player that we identified as a unique playmaker. He can obviously so some things as a runner, but the versatility that he provides and some of the things that he can do are what was so enticing about him for us. You see the explosiveness — over 8 yards a carry. There’s a lot of good things that you’d seen with what he’s done and his résumé at Memphis. We’re excited to get him in here and get to work and really learn under Todd and Malcolm.” Gurley missed the final two regular-season games with “knee inflammation” before gaining 118 yards from scrimmage against the Cowboys in the divisional round. He then played a complementary role the rest of the way.The Rams have talked about managing Gurley’s workload, while keeping him a mainstay in the offense.“Like we have said all along, we anticipate Todd being a huge part of this like he has been the last couple of years Bobby Evans Los Angeles Rams Jerseys ,” McVay said. “As far as managing the workload, those are things that we talk about with Todd and as you continue to get educated on, is that something that we should do for the long haul or something that is or isn’t going to affect Todd most importantly and how does that affect our team? But we added a really good playmaker was a big thing.”Gurley has averaged 326 touches per season over the past three seasons.

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