How To Take Care Of Your Wig In Autumn?

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People Always Pay More Attention To Maintain Hair In Summer And Winter. But Please Do Not Ignore The Transitional Season, Autumn. This Article Will Talk About Factors That Hurt Your Hair In Autumn And How To Take Care Of It.
Hair Care Is A Topic That We Always Argue About. Hair At High Temperatures And Cold Weather Is Likely To Frizz And Be Brittle, And People Really Pay More Attention To Condition Hair In Summer And Winter. But Please Do Not Ignore The Transitional Season, Autumn. Wigs, Especially human hair wigs, Require Taking More Time To Maintain So That They Could Keep Soft, Smooth And Moisturized. Before Telling You The Specific Steps To Take Care Of Hair In Autumn, Let Us Going To Understand The Factors That Lead To Hair Breakage And Damage.
 Factors That Hurt Your Wigs:
1. Clothes
In The Summer, Wearing Hair Possibly Makes You Feel A Little Warmer Than Doing It In The Winter. Wearing Hair In Autumn Is Not Quite As Warm, But Another Thing To Keep In Mind Is That Human Hair, Which Are Below Shoulder-Length, Will Wear And Tear Much Faster Due To The Type Of Clothing We Wear. We Choose To Put On Thin Clothes, Such As Gauzy Skirts And Silk Pajamas, Which Cause Less Friction And The Hair Gets Little Static When You Brush It.
In Transitional Season, Autumn, We Wear Collars, Denim Jacket, Even Coats To Withstand Sudden Weather Changes, Which Creates Friction In The Nape Area Of The lace front Wigs If You Have A Long Hairstyle, Like Ponytails. For Human Hair Wigs, You May Notice That The Increased Amount Of Combing And Untangling Of The Area. In The End, Your Hair Trend To Be Coarser Than Before.
2. The hair wigs Get Dry
It Is True That The Speed Of Drying Hair By Air Will Slow Down With The Temperature Reduction. And Women Who Have Long Thick Hair Prefer To Ask The Help Of Some Heat Tools, Like Hair Dryers, To Dry The Wig Quickly. But Frequently Using Heat Tools Is An Important Cause Of Hair Thinning And Breakage.
3. Stuffy Weather
Weather In Autumn Is Not As The Same On Summer Day And Winter Day. It Changes Suddenly And Have No Rule. Only One Point, It Will Be More And More Cold As Time Goes On. But Before The Step Of Winter Completely Comes, The Weather Pf Autumn Can Be Summarized As Fuggy. Hot And Lacked Of Water. Depression Of Mind And Weird Weather Are Prone To Becoming Increasingly Dry And Itchy.
Four Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair:
1. Change Your Hairstyles
To Keep Warm And Feel Comfortable, Changing The Texture Of Clothes Cost More Than Just Changing Your Hairstyles. If It Is Available, Try More Short And Fashionable Hairstyles. Pulling Your Hair Back And Transform A Long Ponytail To A Bun To Keep Your Hair Nice And Neat And Will Reduce The Build Up Of Friction. Please Tie Your Hair Up To Decrease The Area Touched Clothes. Curly Bob Or Straight Bob Are Two Haircut Worth To Try. They Highlight Your Facial Features And Balance Your Face Shape As Well.
2. Condition Your Wig Regularly
To Help Solve This Problem That Cold Weather Sucks The Moisture From Your Strands, Leaving Them Parched And Prone To Damage, We Recommend You Pick A Moisturizing Shampoo And Conditioner. It Will Help Provide Your Hair With The Moisture It Needs To Stay Smooth And Healthy Without Depressing It. The Key Is To Look For Clean Formulations That Contain Nutrients Like Coconut Oil, Will Help Replenish Your Hair's Natural Moisture Content And Prevent Water Loss In The Future.
3. Reduce The Frequency Of Using Heat Tools
Heat Tools I Mentioned Here Are Not Only Hair Dryers, But Includes Flat Irons, Curling Irons, And Hot Rollers That Can Help You Style The Hair To Beautiful Appearance. Too High Temperature Is Harmful, And For Thin And Brittle Hair, It Is The Killer And Leads To The Concern Of Hair Loss. Getting Rid Of Heat Tools Thoroughly Is Out Of Control And Unpractical. However, What We All Can Do Is To Reduce The Rate Of Using These Tools. Avoid Severe Damage And Breakage Of Hair Made By Heat Tools.  
4. Massage The Scalp When You Wash Your Hair
It Sounds Meaningless To Massage The Scalp For A Beginner. Actually, This Step Works Well To Benefit All The Hair On Your Head. Scalp Is The Place Where Your Hair Born And Grow, It Provides Nutrient To The Hair And Feed It Constantly. Massaging The Scalp Helps To Simulate Blood Circulation And Boost Hair Growth. During The Transitional Period, Follow This Step Will Relieve The Symptom Of Scalp Dryness And Itchiness.
After Reading The Factors Caused Hair Hurt And How To Take Care Of Wig In Autumn, I Am Sure You Already Understand How To Deal With The Problem Of Your Hair. Autumn Is The Season That Usually Be Ignored By Us. Please Bear In Mind To Keep Your Wig Moisturized And Comb The Hair Regularly To Get Rid Of The Puzzle Of Static And Friction.

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