How to pump groundwater by steam ejector

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The principle of pumping groundwater by steam ejector is to use steam or other power medium to generate strong power through the nozzle of the equipment to suck in the water at the low pressure port, and then phase change occurs. After the water is completely mixed in the mixing section of the equipment, it is discharged from the equipment. Because the speed can change the pressure energy, the drainage pressure can be increased to achieve the purpose of pumping water
Pay attention to the following points in the design of the steam ejector: suction depth and discharge pressure, steam consumption
As a user, steam is more expensive, and the less it is, the more energy saving it will be
From our current experience, generally let customers control in the vertical height within 7 meters, sometimes in 8 meters
Then we consider that the outlet pressure is generally 5 kPa gauge pressure and the corresponding saturated water temperature is 102 ℃
We calculate the amount of steam, in turn, push the outlet temperature of water
If the customer requires the drainage pressure to be higher, we must control the saturation temperature of water when we increase the amount of steam, that is, the amount of steam can not be too much, resulting in water vaporization
According to experience, if customers require high outlet pressure, we usually reduce the height of vertical absorption (1m above the liquid level), so as to increase the outlet pressure
There are many types of working conditions in each group, and we optimize the design around the principle of energy conservation

Steam ejector in burning area of important application

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