Carrying social responsibility and developing environmental protection water ring vacuum pump

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With the development of social science, technology and economy, environmental protection has become a problem that must be solved in today's world
As the manufacturer of water ring vacuum pump, we have the responsibility and initiative to research and develop environment-friendly water ring vacuum pump
The environmental protection water ring vacuum pump faces two major pollution problems
1、 Most manufacturers use water ring vacuum pumps to directly discharge water or build large pools. However, the chemical industry and other polluting industries will soon discharge water pollution
2、 Noise pollution
For this reason, we have adopted the combination method to develop hzkb environmental protection water ring vacuum unit, which is composed of zkb water ring vacuum pump, waterway system, vacuum system, cooling system, noise elimination facilities and control system, so as to achieve 100% no leakage. According to different industries, different pump liquid is used, and the use of circulating pump liquid is prolonged by adding neutralizer. As for the noise pollution, we have installed a special noise elimination system at the air inlet and exhaust port, especially for the occasions where man and machine work together

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