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Hello, beautiful !!
If you are tired of always using the locks in the same way, know that I am here to help you. So today, I came to show you how to get out of sameness and dare on a daily basis with loose deep wave wigs  , lace frontal wigs , long hair wigs and wiggins hair . But calm down, you don't need to be an expert in wigs to put these tips into practice.
The Wiggins Hair  store is dedicated to providing the highest quality human virgin hair and excellent customer service. The company listens to customers in several communication channels and they are always improving the quality of products and services.
Abuse of hair accessories such as: barrettes, the effect on wavy hair is chic and super stylish, the tiaras, bands and hair scarves are practical and versatile.
Global and international actresses are adept at wearing wigs as it allows them to change color and haircut temporarily. And they say the effect is supernatural. The accessory can be used by any woman who wants to come up with a new look on an important occasion.
long hair wigs have greater durability than synthetic wigs and some can even last for 5 years with proper care. I have listed below some tips when choosing and taking care of your wig.
How to choose?
Wigs made of human hair can cost from R $ 400.00 to R $ 1300.00 than synthetic fibers. On the other hand, they allow the use of dyes, hairdryers and stylers in everyday life. Usually, these wigs have a deep separation of 6 cm, and also include a detailed and detailed seam of hair all together.
How to care?
Whether natural or synthetic, the wig needs the same care as natural hair: daily brushing and washing + moisturizing at least once a week. When you don't want to use it anymore, remove it from your head and wash it in a basin or sink with shampoo and conditioner or mask. Storing it on a mannequin head helps with conservation, as it keeps it in its original shape.
The  lace front wigs is a special type of wig that not only looks super natural, but can even be used for swimming. That is: it is not your hair, but it is as if it were.
How to comb the wig?
When you need to comb a wig, do not use any brush. For wigs that have straight and body waves, the wide-toothed comb is highly recommended. For deep undulations, use only your hands to avoid entanglement. For stubborn tangled wigs, applying with a spray conditioner (leave on for 10 to 15 minutes) can help loosen them.
If you wear a wig every day, wash it once a week. Otherwise, wash it once every 8 to 10 days.
And if you like coloring your hair, you can color the wig with a professional hairdresser to get the best results and avoid over-processing.
How to dry the wig?
After saturating the wig with water, squeeze it dry. Do not twist or base your wig as it may become uneven and fray dry.
After you purchase the product the company will support you and assume any risk of damage to the product in the logistics service process. They recommend that you check the appearance, quantity, accessories and other aspects of the goods carefully.
Do not let your hair dry in the strong sun for a long time and never use products that contain sulfur.
For you to buy is very easy and practical see the step by step:
1 - Search for the products you need.
2 - Add to shopping cart.
3 - Confirm your order.
4 - Make payment safely.
5 - You can track your package online.
6 - Confirm receipt of the package.
For international orders, the bank that issued your credit or debit card will determine the exchange rate that will be charged. Another secure way to pay is through paypal. Shipping is free! International shipping to some countries can take 5 to 10 days or even some countries with slow shipping, such as Brazil, Mexico and Romania. The company is not responsible for the delays caused by Brazilian customs. 
The company Wiggins Hair guarantees the absolute security of your credit card and personal information. In addition to processing all sales with the credit card through a fully secure and reliable third-party payment processor, your checkout experience is to protect your private data.
If your product did not work when you placed the order at the company, you become responsible for the cost of return shipping.
How about taking the opportunity to change the look without fear of regret? Have you thought about having more voluminous hair with long strands or with deep waves? Wiggins Hair wigs provide you with this practicality when it comes to changing your look.
So, did you like the tips? Tell me in the comments.

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