4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a SEO with How to Do It Yourself

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1. Must choose a Keyword
Keyword is the keyword in the article on the website. And is a term that we choose to do SEO so that our website will be ranked first. Of search results with that keyword. Keyword selection has a tremendous effect on successful SEO. Seeing which keywords have a high search volume Can be seen from Google's Keyword Planner, the main search engine of Thailand and many countries in the world. Or use a program to view statistics, such as KWFinder, which can classify Keyword according to search volume as follows

Mass Keyword or Broad Keyword is broad, not specific. High search volume There are many competitors such as shoes and bags. If hiring an SEO to spend a lot of money to make it to the top.
Niche Keyword is a word that expands the Mass Keyword, so it is more specific. Have more opportunities to be ranked first, such as women's fashion clothes Women's sneakers etc.
Longtail Niche Keyword is very specific words, such as having a brand name, product name, model name, or area identifier. If making it ranked first Yes, there will be a very high chance of selling and this is the recommended keyword for starting SEO by yourself.
In most cases, people tend to choose words that have a lot of searches. Which will be a general term But if our website is a small website Not many products There is a small chance that the website will be ranked because of the wide keywords. There will be a lot of competitors. They also have to compete with large companies that have many products as well.

If it is hiring an expert to do SEO, must first analyze which keywords match the products or services on the website. Including target customers Which may be more specific Even though there are not as many people as general search But the opportunity to make a website rank higher then the SEO service fee is cheaper and in addition, customers who click to view the website Have a chance to buy more because there are options in the mind (Additional information: 5 misunderstandings About SEO)


2. Must have a team that is good in many areas
Making a website ranked top must have good components in many areas. (Additional Information: How to do SEO) which each side has further details such as

Structure and efficiency The team must have the knowledge to analyze and adjust the website according to the principles of SEO.
User experience The team must have knowledge and understanding about UX (User Experience) to design a website that is user friendly. To get a good SEO score
Content, teams must create content. Including writing articles to support SEO and Keyword insertion as well as making illustrations interesting.
For this reason, doing SEO on your own can be tricky for some people and can take a long time. Hiring an SEO expert with a dedicated team can therefore save more time and see results faster.


3. Must keep up to date with SEO news
A search engine like Google has always adjusted the algorithm used to rank websites on the Search Engine Results Page. (Additional information: What is a Search Engine Algorithm?) Therefore, SEO must also keep up with Google's Algorithm. If a business owner Even if there is time to create a website that is SEO friendly in the beginning, but after that, Google has always adjusted the algorithm, there may not be time to monitor and improve the website. Until the rank dropped Not at the top Therefore, it is better to hire an SEO team with a team that is responsible to follow the news and maintain the website. Follow more information at>> pg slot

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