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Fantastic story!
Rachel Disorda
The shorts are a bit thin, as other reviewers have said - but I've had much thinner. I would call these a medium thickness, and certainly not as thick as some which are like cutoff sweat pants.
They seem to be well constructed, the draw string is staying wear it belongs (ahem, that word play was intentional), and they are very comfortable. I will buy another pair or two.
Rich Mack Jr.
These are the best and softest sheets (bed linens) I ever had the pleasure to sleep on. Even after laundering they retained their softness although with a few added wrinkles. I'll gladly put up with wrinkles to enjoy these amazingly soft and luxurious sheets and pillowcases. You must place these sheets and pillowcases in a large netted laundry bag so they won't suffer damage in your washer and dryer. Set your washer to slow wash/spin cycle and also dryer if possible to gentle as well and they will last as long as possible for as gentler as they are. Take them right out of dryer and fold or stretch out on bed to lessen wrinkling. I would definitely buy again and these are the only sheets I want to sleep on.
Abimbola Ogundipe
Love the length and feel of these shorts.
Owen Cleary

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