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URWERK UR-106 LOTUS watch ~ ladies, hello!

URWERK designer watches are known for their rarity, scientific advancement, sophistication and elegance. Still one of the brand's various features is missing - the watches have never been regarded feminine, and can only be put on by men. Until now! As the new URWERK watch UR-106 is the 1st watch designed specifically for ladies. It has been carefully designed to demonstrate soft, sensitive side connected with URWERK.

URWERK UR-106 "Lotus" shows the brand's well-known satellite hours in an hidden guise. Three satellite time were moved on the call to create a unique time show mechanism that was timed once you viewed URWERK and it started to be a signature. The most overwhelming challenge of the company's primary designer and co-founder, Frank Frei, is to create a special timepiece that is suitable for ladies and represents femininity. Making this kind of work for URWERK is a complicated challenge because it focuses on producing very masculine timepieces. With that said, it is clear that URWERK has invested a lot of considered in the UR-106 "Lotus".

Gems sparkle around the bezel as well as crown, but do not make their particular complexity or technical fame stand out. You can see that it is very beneficial in URWERK molds simply by observing the fake watches on sale. Typically the revisions appear in improved varieties, including satellite time. About three satellites, each with a four-hour number, are displayed over a time scale of mins and numbers. The celestial body overhead phase has also increased that display. The carousel as well as the satellite are hand-finished coming from satin, and each number is actually hand painted. An extremely fine small scale was made in the course, and the lapis lazuli orange of the moon was chosen because the color of choice.

It comes in a couple of versions: titanium and stainlesss steel, bezel, crown and strip with diamonds; the other will be the case. Its opposite will be black PVC coated ti steel and steel together with black diamonds. Aesthetics, delivery to the extreme, it is very clear why URWERK took 20 years to complete everything from the truth to the movement to the movements, even for the color collection of the minute slider.

Urwerk UR-106 Lotus: Welcome to the future of ladies watches

A few years ago, I actually borrowed the Urwerk UR-110 TTH for a full calendar month of actual testing.

Although I felt like a youngster in a candy store when I rub it, I still can't assume that its creators, Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, have been portraying my little wrists when I first conceived my see. Known for its masculine attractiveness.

Although its size is evident, its position on my little hand is surprisingly good, nonetheless it is clear that the design of this particular watch does not take into account this preference. Despite its astonishing comfort, I will never pick the UR-110 TTH as my very own everyday wearer.https://www.chronowrist.ru

But UR-106 Lotus is unquestionably!

Why are the smaller sizes thus perfect?
It's a bit similar to a Christmas present, isn't it? Urwerk watches that fit women of many ages wrist!

Let's start with the main element that leads to convenience: the crown.

The responsive feel of the clockwork make time on the watch is not a different from the comfort it feels. Around the Urwerk, the winding and also placement becomes easier for the reason that crown is too large.

Several complex watches require a lot more brain oil than other wristwatches, and messing up the small the queen's can be tricky, especially rapid if you want to keep your nails unchanged, please bother with this facet of the female hand.

The top on any Urwerk instructions quite large in layout - is easy to manage. It truly is located at the 12 o'clock position between the integrated lugs and is very simple to operate. Basically sliding the index ring finger over the index finger is plenty to move the balance.

The programmed winding rotor is swiftly taken over. Setting the time is usually equally easy: just grab the time and slide your current index finger over the prized until the rotating satellite exhibits the correct position.

“I consider the crown of the observe, the interface where folks meet the machine to make it soon enough, is a vital part this deserves special attention and exact design, ” explains Urwerk co-founder and designer Frei. to me. Inspired by it is Sumerian architecture and Silk pyramidal architecture, Frei models the crown of their brand. “One of the good celebrate the greatness associated with Urwerk is to celebrate this specific moment. ”

Urwerk's overhead is usually made of titanium or maybe gold and is always from 12 o'clock or 6th o'clock, ensuring that the larger the queen's does not penetrate the arm, never feel uncomfortable, and is also always protected by the lugs.http://www.bagsbagu.com

In addition to the style and design aspect, the large crown supplies a better way of handling this timepiece function and makes the rotating easier. Urwerk combines about three rubber seals instead of the typical three rubber seals generally used in smaller crowns, considering that the niche brand knows that it has the customers like to play with these people (providing satellite "fast forward" action to entertain close friends, For this example).

This means that typically the crown and the mechanism are not only seen used for the intended goal, but also produce more wholesale than the traditional crown.

“Rotary friction requires special attention (appropriate force and appropriate level of special lubrication) to ensure that often the crown does not rotate also freely for long periods of time and rotate freely enough, ” explains Cyrano Devanthey regarding Urwerk Special Research. Point out.

Visual effect
In my personal round of friends, this wrist watch has been widely welcomed along with appreciated, although I do must explain how to read a new display every time someone demands it, which is almost when I wear it..

The answer is less difficult than people think. In the beginning, others were a bit baffled by the visible mechanics in the three satellites, so I typically used a sleeve to protect most of the deep sapphire ravenscroft to help explain that this is simply a note that must be taken down the bottom scale to see the current. What time is it.HYT H2 replica watches

Personally, it took only about a day to retrain my sight, and I no longer looked for that traditional circular rotation the watch hands would commonly perform. Once this is completed, reading minutes and a long time is intuitive, easy and pleasurable. But since there are no mere seconds displayed, something strange takes place: you are no longer worried about these individuals. The daily schedule evolved into meaningless, and I found myself sense a bit like this.

The intriguing mechanics like to watch inside a curvaceous case, although the geostationary satellites that display hours are usually moving so slowly which parts that are essentially motionless are observable. Another unusual factor is the improper usage of diamonds. Although the arrangement around the armored bezel is modern, they are at least not mild at all.

Back to the physical principle, I want to emphasize that will because the case is smaller than average the movement needs to be rearranged slightly: Lotus contains a adjusted version of Urwerk's standard satellite hours. Three geostationary satellites, each equipped with a four-hour number, are swept on the arc-shaped minute scale in the bottom to form an analog in addition to digital indication of time.

Often the carousel and its satellites are already hand-polished satin, and each hr and minute number is definitely hand-painted by Super-LumiNova. Frei chose the lapis lazuli pink of the moon from hundreds of shades.

I am happy that UR-106 Lotus is not planned as being a malicious derivative, but as a set model. I look forward to discovering Lotus's next development! FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Yachting replica

Quick check out
Case: 49. 4 back button 35 x 14. forty-five mm, stainless steel and ti alloy with diamonds, as well as black PVD coated metallic with black diamonds.
Movements: UR-6. 01 movement immediately winding, Geneva cross push satellite display
Function: time (shown by satellite), tiny; moon phase

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