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Some men like to go to extremes. They like to wander the road less traveled Black Denzel Ward Jersey , tackle new and unusual adventures, and boldly go where other men fear to tread. And the male organ piercing is definitely something that would send most men running for the hills. But for the select few who are interested in embellishing their member, these tips for excellent manhood care can help ensure their latest adventure doesn’t wind up causing manhood irritation – or anything worse.

Taking care of the male organ piercing

Men who cringe at the mere thought of a male organ piercing can feel free to skip down to the last paragraph. But for those with sacks of steel, read on.

One of the most common male organ piercings is the Prince Albert. This piercing usually extends along the underside of the glans from the urethral opening. The jewelry can be either a ring or a curved barbell, though some other types might apply. Some men say that the Prince Albert heightens sensual sensation; however Black Baker Mayfield Jersey , some partners might experience pain or discomfort when certain jewelry is used.

A male organ piercing like this one typically takes four to six weeks to heal. During that time, men who have undertaken the piercing adventure should keep the following steps in mind:

1. Wash the piercing twice daily. During the first several weeks, cleanliness is a man’s best friend. A saltwater soak twice a day, followed by a thorough cleaning with a mild soap, is usually recommended by piercing experts. Never use any sort of alcohol-based cleaner on the area Black Josh Gordon Jersey , as this can not only hurt and extend healing time, it can also dry out the skin.

2. Know what to avoid. During those first several weeks, certain things are completely off-limits. This includes swimming pools or other bodies of water, any tight or restrictive clothing, and coupling with a partner. Choosing to do these things anyway can have dire consequences Black Joe Thomas Jersey , from manhood irritation to serious infection.

3. Drink a great deal of water. Since the piercing involves the urethra, it is very important to urinate quite often. This will actually help clean the piercing and lead to faster healing. So drink up and stay hydrated.

4. Do not change the piercing. Any piercing needs to be left alone in order to allow it to heal properly. Removing the jewelry before it’s ready can lead to problems with inserting new pieces, which makes the whole adventure an exercise in futility. Besides that, changing the piercing too early or too often can lead to infection.

5. Keep the area around it perfectly clean. Even though cleaning the area twice a day (at least!) is a good idea, so is ensuring the area around it is perfectly clean. Bedclothes should be laundered on a regular basis. Never wear the same trousers more than once during the healing process. In fact Black Jim Brown Jersey , changing underwear at least after every shower is a great idea. When in private, ‘air out’ the male organ piercing to facilitate healing.

6. Be cautious. A piercing must have ample time to heal. That means following all the rules set forth by the piercing expert. No matter how much the adventurous man might want to ‘try out’ that new jewelry in a sensual context, it is important to not give in to the urge – and when it is okay to get busy, make sure to use barrier protection for several weeks to allow the piercing even more time to heal.

Finally, remember that proper manhood care is more important than ever for those who have a male organ piercing. The use of a high-quality member health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil Shon Coleman Jersey , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help. During the first few weeks, routinely apply the crème to the manhood, but avoid the piercing. Over time, as the piercing heals, a man can gradually begin applying the crème there as he normally would. Look for a crème that contains Shea butter Carl Nassib Jersey , which can soothe the itchy, healing skin on contact, as well as vitamins A, C, D and E Emmanuel Ogbah Jersey , which are all known for their healing properties.
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