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The most valuable feeling in the world is undoubtedly family, but in addition to family, it is friendship. "There is no better and more enjoyable thing in the world than friendship. Without friendship, the world seems to have lost the sun." In six years of elementary school, she brought warmth to my friends; she made me understand what friendship is; she and I Sharing the joy of success together Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes Online, the failure is sad; she is laughing with me, crying together...She, and I am tall, combing the two scorpions, looks so childish; she is "literary and civil", not only learning Excellent grades, or the leader of the school track and field team; she is serious, is the teacher's right assistant, the students' good partners; she is straightforward, likes to point out the wrong place to the students, so it will inevitably offend some students Cheap Newport Cigarette Online, but she is the slightest I don't mind, she is a little bit sultry, but sometimes she is very small. She can be my best friend, not only because of this, but more importantly, the sincerity, purity and lack of impurities that she treats her friends, I am deeply touched.remember that winter night, it was nearly 10 o'clock. We were asleep. Suddenly, we slammed an unknown object on the carpet of our bedroom. It was falling on her bed, and all the people in the bedroom were awakened. However, no one dares to run out to turn on the lights in the cold weather. At this time, a figure ran out, she turned on the light, and the room was lit up. We finally saw the glass bottle that was dropped on the carpet by the classmates at night. This piece of glass fell everywhere, and I accidentally poked my hand. She ran in with a broom and a hoe Newport For Duty Sale Only. She swept large pieces of glass into the shackles. The small pieces couldn't be swept in. She ignored her own danger and simply handcuffed her hand. The classmates advised her not to be embarrassed, but she did not say anything to continue, so cold days, she only wore a thin cotton sweater, and she shivered. I leaned up and looked at it carefully. I really didn't see it. When I saw it, she had several scars on her hand that were scratched by the glass Cheap Malboro Cigarettes Wholesale. It was still bleeding. Finally, the teacher came, cleaned up the scene Cheap Priced Marlboro Gold Sold In Us, she disinfected with water, and quickly ran into the already cold bed. When she lay in the bed, I could still hear her shaking.n once said, "Talking about reputation, honor, happiness, wealth, etc. If compared with friendship, they are all dust." Grandma Bingxin also said that "friendship is a sacred medicine, a stimulant; friendship is in the sea. The lighthouse, the oasis in the desert. "Yes, with friends, let us feel another warmth in the world, let us know this society more comprehensively. I want to thank her, she is like a bright light, lead me in the dark, guide me in the confusion; I want to learn from her, learn her sincerity, purity, and no impurity to her friends... Wang Yueyang - My friend - a good friend who made me thank you and moved me!

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