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Participants to outline 10-year roadmap to save the Earth锟絪 oldest living reptile

Turtles are the oldest reptiles left on Earth Cody Whitehair Color Rush Jersey , with the earliest species found almost 300 million years ago, but many species alive today may not live to see the next century. That is why conservation groups across the world are meeting here this week to discuss pressing plans to ensure their survival in the wild.

Hosted by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), the four-day workshop which kicked off at the Singapore Zoo yesterday aims to set the agenda for Asian turtle conservation in the next decade. It brings together delegates throughout Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States, including over 70 conservationists from 16 Asian countries Leonard Floyd Color Rush Jersey , such as Pakistan, Philippines, China, and East Timor, who work closely with endangered freshwater turtles.

The event, themed 锟絋he Conservation of Asian Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles 锟?Setting Priorities for the Next Ten Years锟?is co-organised by Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and is supported by San Diego Zoo Global Bennie Fowler III Color Rush Jersey , the Turtle Survival Alliance and the IUCN Tortoise & Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group and Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Garden in Hong Kong.

The participation of some 39 participants has been sponsored by collaborating organisations and Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund (WRSCF), an independent charity set up by WRS in 2009 with the primary purpose of conserving endangered native wildlife.

The last meeting was held 10 years ago in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and this year锟絪 agenda will include discussions to critically assess what has worked 锟?and what has not 锟?in protecting chelonian1 populations and preventing extinction of the species.

Human encroachment, combined with over-hunting and the illegal wildlife trade, are decimating the world锟絪 population of turtles at a pace faster than they can reproduce. Prized highly for their meat and medicinal value Allen Robinson II Color Rush Jersey , particularly in Southeast Asia and China, nearly more than half of the species of tortoises and turtles in the region are now on the verge of extinction.

Dr. Elizabeth Bennett, Vice President of the Wildlife Conservation Society锟絪 Species Program said: 锟絋urtles are at a conservation crossroads. Some species are truly at the brink of extinction with just a few individuals remaining. We are hopeful that the results of this workshop will help bring turtles onto the road to recovery.锟?br >
Some workshop highlights include country reports on the current status of turtle populations in different countries, an International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red Listing session on individual turtle species and Trade Status Reports. An open forum on conservation priorities will be held at the end of the workshop for participants to discuss interesting 锟絯hat if锟?scenarios.

Following this event is another workshop on the conservation of large river turtles (genus Batagur) from 25 February to 2 March in Singapore and Malaysia, which will address the threats to the survival of these species. It will comprise regional presentations, round table discussions Eddie Jackson Color Rush Jersey , and field trips to share 锟絙est practices锟?in the collection of pertinent life history data, and methods for reducing adult mortality.

WRS, which operates award-winn

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