The blue sky, the lush forest,

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The blue sky, the lush forest, the clear stream...natural, it is also the sound of nature. When I walked into nature, listening to the sound of the birds singing, the snoring of the spring water, the cold and beautiful picture appeared in my mind Buy Cigarettes Online Cuba, and the moving sky was echoed in my ear.ing under the eaves Marlboro Reds Free Carton, gently holding a book in his hand, savoring the "He-Soul", the soft sunlight drilled through the leaves and naughty on the pages, casting a little bit of light. The faint ink scented around the tip of the nose, the wind was sloppy, and a few pages of paper were swept, and the thoughts fluttered with the wind, gradually drifting away... Looking down, "I want to spread her wings and fly to the fresh sky. The chest has been Dyeed into a red, soaked with a crane affectionately concerned." After reading this, I was suddenly shocked, and my heart seemed to be put into a heavy stone, so that the calm water surface bursts.aw such a video on TV: in the vast sky, the birds hovered and danced happily. They are children born in the sky; they are the enchanting spirits of nature; they love to fly, like the breeze blowing through the wings. However, a loud voice sounded, and its white wings were dyed red, as if a bright bloody flower was opened. It screams, and in the air, like a winter snow, fascinated. It tried to open its wings and perform its last dance in the air Marboro Reds Cheap, as if to want to advise people. In the end, the feathers fell, the birds fell, and only the resounding voice of the voice was left between the heavens and the earth. After reading all this, I suddenly felt guilty. Isn��t we human beings right? Just for the sake of profit and money, we must harm an innocent life. Should we humans not blame ourselves?king on the roads of the city, there are countless high-rise buildings on both sides. The noisy crowds walked by me, and the endless vehicles flew away from the gray-black road, leaving only a smoky nose and a harsh horn. sound. Looking up, looking up at the sky, only the gray is full of eyes, is the sun blocked by the dark clouds? Woke up in the morning, can not help but wonder, did not hear the familiar and crisp bird song, is the bird playing hide and seek? In the autumn, the scattered leaves of the fallen leaves have not been swayed by the past Newport Cigarettes Free Shipping, is the autumn changed? No, no. This is all caused by our human hands. Exhaust emissions from factories and cars, deforestation in the forest, excessive hunting... The mistakes people make are one after another, but they are immersed in their own joy, and they do not know how to repent. Today, with the development of technology, environmental problems are also growing Cheapest Marlboro 100S Cigarettes. Before the spring without the flowers, before the summer without the cool breeze, before the animal footprints on the earth, for a better future, let us start from now, protect the environment, care for animals, cherish resources and create a beautiful home together.y close the book, I slowly walked to the window. The breeze blows my hair, and it floats slightly. I raise a smile. I believe that in the near future, the sky will return to the blue, the forest will return to the lush, the birds will fly back to the sky, and the beautiful sky. Will echo forever in the world.

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