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In a place where each and every need of yours is taken care of and where you germinate friendships that last a lifetime? Well Cheap Mariners Jerseys , we believe that all of us can make use of a little comfortable environment when we stay away from family in other cities, isn’t it?

Staying alone in a flat means you’ll have to take care of everything ranging from food, clothes, electricity and other household knick-knacks. In a busy life where office occupies a major amount of your time, looking after other things can be a bit difficult but if you stay in a PG then all these things are already taken care of. You can concentrate on your work without worrying about the tasks of buying vegetables, cooking food Mariners Gordon Beckham Jersey , repairing the AC etc.

This is one major advantage of staying in a PG. However, the good news is that today we have highlighted not just one but five advantages of staying in a paying guest as compared to staying alone in a flat. So come, let us together browse through these points.


Living in a PG without a doubt is far more economical than staying in a flat. When you stay alone, you have to pay for the food, the electricity, the water bill on top of your huge rent. All of us know that how expensive a flat can be in a city like Gurgaon. And when the cost of the above mentioned things is added to the rent Mariners Carlos Ruiz Jersey , it adds up to a humongous amount, which burns a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, in a PG the cost of rent, food, water etc. is a part of the rent, which makes it very affordable. PG with free Wi-Fi is also a common thing in Gurgaon where you needn’t pay extra money for using the WI-FI facility at the PG.

Home like food

PG’s these days are paying a lot of importance to the quality of food that they provide to the residents. The food is cooked in a hygienic environment using fresh ingredients. The cooks employed for the task of cooking the meals are experienced and are able to keep the residents happy with food that matches in taste to home cooked meals. You don’t have to worry about going out to the market and buying fresh ingredients and then coming home to cook yourself a meal Mariners Yovani Gallardo Jersey , because three time hot meals are always kept ready for you. When you stay alone in a flat then most of the times you are too tired to cook and end up ordering food from Zomato, Foodpanda and Swiggy. This is not only an expensive affair but is also not good for your health. In a PG you are provided with healthy, nutritious meals that keep you in perfect shape.

Emotional support

All of us suffer from ups and downs in our lives and when we stay away from family, we always depend on our friends for emotional support. In a PG, you will never have dearth of friends. They will take care of you when you fall sick and also help you get back to your feet each time that you fall down. Apart from this, they will give you company and make your life fun and enjoyable. You can watch movies with them Mariners Drew Smyly Jersey , go out for shopping or even indulge in some cooking. But if you stay alone in a flat then it means that you will miss out on all this fun in your everyday life.

No tension causing factors

In a PG, if the AC or your refrigerator breaks, or the geyser stops working then you just have to inform the owner and things will get fixed in a few hours. However, in a flat you have to take care of everything from calling the electrician to monitoring that proper work is done, yourself.

PG’s come equipped with all the modern facilities that you can think of, they provide you a warm and comfortable environment Mariners Hisashi Iwakuma Jersey , take care of your likes and dislikes and provide you with security. Therefore, when it comes to our take on choosing between staying alone in a flat and living in a PG, we will always go for the latter and recommend you to do the same.

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